Mr. Smythe to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: I have the honor to report the arrival of the U. S. S. Kearsarge at this port yesterday evening. To-day Admiral Stanton (who arrived [Page 216] almost at the same time on the Atlas steamer), together with Commander Hyerman and a subaltern officer, made an official visit to the legation. The officers, crew, and marines of the vessel are in perfect health, and the captain reports all quiet in Santo Domingo. As well as I can determine, the American schooner fired upon at Azua had entered a closed port, 6 miles from the port of Azua, and the firing occurred under the stimulus of the excitement incident to a very small attempt at revolution. Ample apology was made, but in the absence of any information from Consul Meade, I am not prepared to make any direct conclusion as to the matter. I presume, since I can hear nothing from the consul, that I will have to rely on the Department for information and instruction.

I have, etc.,

Henry M. Smythe