Mr. Smythe to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: I cabled you on the 15th that a bold attempt at revolution had been made in Santo Domingo, that the general commanding at Azua, a town 72 miles from the capital, had been killed, and that an attempt had been made to assassinate President Heureaux. After receiving this news through the secretary of state for Haiti, I received a telegram from our consul at Santo Domingo, and embraced its contents in my message to the effect that “an American schooner had been fired upon at Azua and two seamen wounded.” The dispatch added that “this was done by Dominican soldiers.” It has occurred to me that perhaps the schooner carried the insurgents to Azua (where the insurrection broke out), and I cabled to Meade to “obtain facts and report.” Up to to-night we have no further advices, though I will be in possession soon of all that shall be cabled to the foreign office here. I think it possible that the attempted revolution has been quelled by Heureaux, but if not, we should have a naval vessel in these waters at once. Will give you all particulars.

I am, etc.,

Henry M. Smythe