December 18, 1893.—Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and ordered to be printed.

To the House of Representatives;

In compliance with a resolution passed by your honorable body on the 13th instant, I hereby transmit a report of the Secretary of State, with copies of the instructions given to Mr. Albert S. Willis, the representative of the United States now in the Hawaiian Islands, and also the correspondence since the 4th day of March, 1889, concerning the relations of this Government to those islands.

In making this communication, I have withheld only a dispatch from the former minister to Hawaii numbered 70, under date of October 8, 1892, and a dispatch from the present minister, numbered 3, under date of November 16, 1893, because, in my opinion, the publication of these two papers would be incompatible with the public interest.

Groves Cleveland.

The President:

The Secretary of State, to whom was referred a resolution adopted by the House of Representatives on the 13th instant, requesting the President to communicate to that House—

if not inconsistent with the public interest, copies of the instructions given to the representative of the United States now in the Hawaiian Islands in regard to the protection of the lives and property of American citizens there, or any contemplated change in the form of government, and all correspondence since the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine in regard to Hawaii; not already transmitted to Congress;

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has the honor or to lay before the President, with a view to his determination touching their transmission to the House of Representatives in response to that resolution, copies of the correspondence called for.

In order that nothing might be omitted that may be deemed to come within the purview of the resolution, the Secretary of State has endeavored to include all correspondence of a political character concerning the Hawaiian Islands. It has seemed advisable in so doing to incorporate also sundry papers within the specified period which have been heretofore communicated to both Houses of Congress, together with the correspondence of the described character communicated to the Senate in February and March last, and printed by order of that body, to the end that the present collection may fairly respond to the request of the House of Representatives.

Respectfully submitted.

W. Q. Gresham.