Mr. Adee to Mr. Stevens.

No. 11.]

Sir: I herewith, inclose for your confidential information a copy of the instructions addressed by the Secretary of the Navy (and received with his letter of the 13th instant) to the commanding officer of the United States naval force of the Pacific station, relative to the retention of a sufficient number of vessels of his fleet in Hawaiian waters during the approaching February elections for the prompt protection of American interests should occasion arise.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
[Inclosure in No. 11.]

Mr. Tracy to Mr. Blaine.

Sir: Referring to your letter of the 6th instant, concurring in the opinion of Rear-Admiral Kimberly that security to our citizens there would be promoted if at the February elections the United States had a force in Hawaiian waters competent to preserve order should necessity arise, the Department incloses herewith, for your information, a copy of its instructions issued this day to that officer for his guidance.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

B. F. Tracy.
[Inclosure to inclosure in No. 11.]

Mr. Tracy to Rear-Admiral Kimberly.

Sir: Referring to your letter No. 165 of the 18th ultimo, with reference to the political situation in the Hawaiian Islands, and in which you state that “it would promote a feeling of security to our people, and, I think, to foreigners, if at the February election we had a force here competent to preserve order should necessity arise,” the Department directs that you will keep as many of the vessels of your [Page 1172] command in Hawaiian waters as yon may deem expedient for the purpose of carrying out the object in view.

A copy of a letter from the honorable the Secretary of State, concurring in your opinion as to the desirability of such action, is inclosed herewith for your information.

Very respectfully,

B. F. Tracy.