Mr. Bayard to Mr. Merrill.

No. 48.]

Sir: You are no doubt aware of the departure from Honolulu of Her Majesty the Queen Kapiolani, on her way to London to be present at the celebration of the jubilee in honor of the fiftieth year of her Britannic Majesty’s reign.

The Queen Kapiolani and her suite, consisting of her royal highness the Princess Liliuokalani, Lieut. Gen. J. O. Domini s, his excellency the Hon. Curtis P. Jan kea, chamberlain, and Col. John H. Boyd, aide-de-camp, reached San Francisco during the latter part of April, and Washington on Tuesday, the 3d instant, for a visit of a few days. The royal party was met at Baltimore by Mr. Sevellon A. Brown, chief clerk of this Department, who, with Capt. D. M. Taylor, U. S. Army, and Lieut. Bodgers, U. S. Navy, representing the War and Navy Departments, respectively, were detailed to attend the Queen and suite during their brief sojourn in this Capital, and bestow such attentions and civilities as might contribute to the pleasure of their visit.

Wednesday, the 4th instant, at noon, the Queen and her party were presented to the President and his wife, at the Executive Mansion, and soon thereafter Mrs. Cleveland, accompanied by the wives of several of the Cabinet officers, returned the Queen’s visit, enjoying a half-hour of pleasant conversation at the Arlington Hotel. Friday morning, the 6th instant, at 10 o’clock, an excursion was given to Mount Vernon, in honor of Her Majesty, on board of the U. S. S. Despatch kindly placed at my disposal by the Secretary of the Navy. The excursion was very generally attended by the diplomatic corps in the city and by prominent citizens both in public and private life. Friday evening the Queen and her party were the guests of the President and Mrs. Cleveland at a dinner; and prior to her Majesty’s departure from Washington she was accorded a serenade by the United States Marine Band.

In concluding this brief narrative of Her Hawaiian Majesty’s visit to this capital, I take pleasure in inclosing for your information a copy of a note from the minister of Hawaii here, dated the 9th instant, expressing, by the Queen’s direction, her sense of her appreciation of the civilities and courtesies extended to her by this Government, and of my reply thereto, dated the 11th instant.

I am, sir, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.