December 20, 1893.—Read, referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations, and ordered to be printed.

To the Senate of the United States:

In compliance with a resolution passed by the Senate on the 6th instant, I hereby transmit reports of the Secretaries of State and of the Navy, with copies of all instructions given to the respective diplomatic and naval representatives of the United States in the Hawaiian Islands since the 4th day of March, 1881, touching the matters specified in the resolution.

It has seemed convenient to include in the present communication to the Senate copies* of the diplomatic correspondence concerning the political condition of Hawaii, prepared for transmission to the House of Representatives in response to a later resolution passed by that body on the 13th instant.

Grover Cleveland.

The President:

The Secretary of State, to whom was referred a resolution of the Senate of the United States passed on the 6th instant, requesting the President—

so far as in his opinion it shall not be inconsistent with the public interest, to communicate to the Senate copies of all instructions which may have been given to any representative of the United States, or any naval officer thereof, since the 4th day of March, 1881, in regard to the preservation of public order in Hawaii, or the protection of the lives and property of American citizens, or the recognition or support of any government there;

has the honor to lay before the President, with a view to its transmission to the Senate should he deem proper so to do, copies of the instructions [Page 1152] given to the diplomatic representatives of the United States in the Hawaiian Islands, as described in the said resolution.

Respectfully submitted.

W. Q. Gresham.

  1. For this correspondence see House Ex. Doc. No. 48, 53d Congress, 2d session.