No. 12.
Admiral Skerrett to Mr. Blount.
No. 110.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform Special United States Commissioner Blount that in obedience to his directions the United States ensign over the Government building was lowered at 11 a.m. of this date and the force withdrawn from that building and the place designated as Camp Boston at the same hour. I learn that quite a number of people congregated about the Government building at the time; the force of marines stationed there were relieved by a force of the Provisional Government. [Page 1061] There was no demonstration made by the populace present; no cheering, nor any other signs of either joy or grief.

I went on shore this afternoon and saw quite an access in numbers of those who were wearing the Annexation Club badge. There has been no evidence shown of unruly or riotous characters. Absolutely, there appears to be peace and quiet.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

J. S. Skerrett,
Rear-Admiral, U. S. Navy,
Commanding U. S. Naval Force, Pacific Station

Special United States Commissioner, J. H. Blount.