No. 3.
The committee of safety to Mr. Stevens.
No. 7.]

His Excellency John L. Stevens,
American Minister Resident:

Sir: We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Honolulu, respectfully represent that, in view of recent public events in this Kingdom, culminating in the revolutionary acts of Queen Liliuokalani on Saturday last, the public safety is menaced and lives and property are in peril, and we appeal to you and the United States forces at your command for assistance.

The Queen, with the aid of armed force, and accompanied by threats of violence and bloodshed from those with whom she was acting, attempted to proclaim a new constitution; and, while prevented for the time from accomplishing her object, declared publicly that she would only defer her action.

This conduct and action was upon an occasion and under circumstances which have created general alarm and terror.

We are unable to protect ourselves without aid, and therefore pray for the protection of the United States forces.

  • Henry E. Cooper,
  • F. W. McChesney,
  • W. C. Wilder,
  • C. Bolte,
  • A. Brown,
  • William O. Smith,
  • Henry Waterhouse,
  • Theo. F. Lansing,
  • Ed. Suhr,
  • L. A. Thurston,
  • John Emmeluth,
  • Wm. R. Castle,
  • J. A. McCandless,
    Citizens’ Committee of Safety.