No. 2.
Mr. Gresham to Mr. Stevens.

Sir: With a view to obtaining the fullest possible information in regard to the condition of affairs in the Hawaiian Islands the President has determined to send to Honolulu, as his Special Commissioner, [Page 470] the honorable James H. Blount, lately chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Blount bears credential letters in that capacity, addressed to the President of the executive and advisory councils of the Provisional Government, and you are requested to facilitate his presentation.

In all matters pertaining to the existing or other Government of the Islands the authority of Mr. Blount is paramount. As regards the conduct of the usual business of the legation, you are requested to continue until further notice in the performance of your official functions, so far as they may not be inconsistent with the special powers confided to Mr. Blount. You are also requested to aid him in the fulfillment of his important mission by furnishing any desired assistance and information, and the archives of the legation should be freely accessible to him.

Mr. Blount is fully instructed touching his relations to the commanding officer of the United States naval force in Hawaiian waters.

I am, &c.,

W. Q. Gresham.