Mr. G. P. Judd and Mr. James J. Jarves to Mr. Clayton.

Sir: We have the honor to inclose for your perusal copies of certain documents relative to the late difficulties which have arisen between the Governments of France and the Hawaiian Islands.

Nos. 17, 18, and 19 relate to an application to the Government of Her Britannic Majesty in order to obtain their good offices in the adjustment of the points at issue. Nos. 20 and 21 relate to a new treaty with France.

From these you will perceive that the British Government have consented to use their good offices in favor of our Government. We are instructed to request the friendly interposition of the United States towards a satisfactory settlement of the difficulties with France, and we invite the cooperation of your excellency, particularly with reference to the adoption by both England and France of treaties similar to that negotiated by the United States. It is the earnest desire of His Hawaiian Majesty that the United States become party to an arrangement with those two powers to secure his neutrality in all wars and provide for the settlement of any future difficulty which may arise between the Hawaiian Islands and either of the three powers by a reference to the other two.

Trusting that our communication may meet with a favorable consideration, we subscribe ourselves,

Your excellency’s most obedient servants,

  • G. P. Judd,
  • James J. Jarves.

[Inclosures not found with note.]