Mr. Bunyon to Mr. Gresham.

No. 25.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit a copy of a communication in regard to Samoan affairs received by me from the imperial foreign office this morning, also a translation thereof. I beg to call attention to the request which the document contains that the reply of the U. S. Government be sent by telegraph.

I have, etc.,

Theodore Runyon
[Inclosure 1 in No. 25.—Translation.]

Baron Marschall to Mr. Runyon.

Mr. Ambassador: In the note March 17 last, Mr. Walter Phelps sent information that the Government of the United States agreed that the session of the land commission at Apia be extended to the contemplated time, March 31, 1894. In consequence of this agreement reached by the three treaty powers, the work of the land commission was extended to the above period. According to reports transmitted to the Imperial Government in the meantime, there is now no doubt that the commission will not be able to finish the examination of the land claims in Samoa, according to the Samoan act, even within the time, as extended. The circumstance that the newly appointed land commissioner only arrived in Apia in November last, about eight months after the departure of his predecessor, may in a large degree have added to the delay in the work of the commission. As matters stand, it seems advisable to adopt, without delay, the necessary measures to insure that the working of the commission be not interrupted again. In consideration hereof the Imperial Government permits itself to propose another extension of time for the labor of the land commission, if necessary to the end of the year 1894. I would be grateful if your excellency would kindly acquaint your Government with this proposition, and would communicate its decision to me. In order that the members of land commission be notified of this extension if agreed to, or that they be replaced in due season, it is important that the Government of the United States transmit its answer by telegraph.

While I beg to add that a like proposition has been made to the royal Government of Great Britain,

I avail myself, etc.,