This Government has received a report, under date of February 29, 1892, and also a telegram dated the 28th of March, 1892, both from the president of the municipal council of Apia, Baron Senfft von Pilsach, similar to the report and telegram referred to in the memorandum left here by the secretary of the German legation on the 27th of May, 1892. This Government deems it unnecessary to consider the suggestions raised by the report of February 29, 1892, since they have been withdrawn by the telegram of March 28, 1892, and since, moreover, this Government has received a further communication from Baron von Pilsach, under date of April 25, 1892, in which, while offering certain suggestions providing for the alteration of some of the items of the customs tariff adopted by the Berlin conference, he makes a new suggestion for the amendment of section 3 of article 6 of the Berlin general act by the addition at the end of the section of the following:

The proceeds of the customs duties shall he for the Samoan Government, except an amount or a portion which shall be fixed annually by the president of the municipal council of Apia, subject to the approval of the King, or, in the case of a difference between the King and the president, it shall be fixed by the supreme court of Samoa.

This suggestion is now receiving the consideration of the Department.