The Marquis of Salisbury to Sir J. Pauncefote.

No. 269.]

No. 2.

Sir: I transmit to you herewith copy of an instruction which I have caused to be addressed to Her Majesty’s consul at Apia relative to the currency question, together with duplicate copies of previous correspondence on the subject, as marked in the magin.

You will observe that Mr. Consul Cusack-Smith has been directed to act with his German colleague in urging the Samoan Government to adopt the arrangements proposed by the municipal council of Apia on the 3d June and 24th July last.

I have to request that you will communicate the accompanying correspondence to the U. S. Government and urge them, if they see no objection, to issue instructions to their consular representative at Apia similar to those which have been sent to Her Majesty’s consul.

I am, etc.,