Mr. Bayard to Mr. Belmont.

No. 4.]

Sir.: I invite your attention to the claim of Antonio M. Mora against the Government of Spain.

It is unnecessary, nor would it be pertinent, to recite in detail the history of the claim, which has been conclusively adjusted for a specific sum and only awaits payment by the Spanish Government. It is much to be desired that the case should be finally disposed of by the payment [Page 379] of the sum agreed on more than two years ago. During that period the justice and validity of the settlement have never been questioned; but the Spanish Government, while repeatedly admitting its obligations, has alleged that it is not practicable to obtain payment of the amount agreed upon, unless provision be made for the adjustment of claims of Spain against the United States. This suggestion was first made long after the date of the adjustment of Mr. Mora’s claim and was not anticipated by this Government.

You will represent to the Spanish minister of foreign affairs the hardships upon Mr. Mora, at his extreme age and enfeebled condition of health and depressed fortunes, to be compelled to await the determination of the contested claims of other individuals, Spaniards and Americans, in which he has no possible interest or responsibility and to whose contingencies it can not be justly argued that his life and property should be attached.

You can delicately appeal on the score of humanity and to the Spanish sense of honor, that some arrangement be made which would enable the distinct and unequivocal agreement of the Spanish Government in respect to the claim of Mr Mora to bear fruit capable of enjoyment by this aged beneficiary.

It is necessary that you should be informed that the only case which has been put forward by the Spanish Government as in any sense a specific offset to the claim of Mora is that of Maza and Larrache, for cotton alleged to have been taken from them by the authorities of the United States in 1865. You will find the correspondence relating to this claim in the volume of Foreign Relations for 1887.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.