Messrs. Shipman, Barlow, Larocque & Choate to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: We acknowledge with many thanks your telegram of the 1st instant, announcing the fact that “$1,500,000, to be charged, on Cuban budget of next year, offered in full settlement of Mora claim,” which sum, while it is not equal to Mr. Mora’s just claims against Spain, will be accepted by him most gratefully, if this offer is meant to carry with it the certainty of payment.

But he informs us that in other similar cases the agreement to pay out of the Cuban budget has resulted in nothing beyond a liquidation of the amount due, and that payments have been long delayed or avoided.

He therefore asks us to say that he will accept the proposition to fix the amount due to him at $1,500,000, but asks that this liquidated sum be paid in Washington.

Again thanking you on behalf of Mr. Mora for the good offices of our Government so effectively rendered in his behalf,

We are, sir, etc.,

Shipman, Barlow, Larocque & Choate.