Mr. Bayard to Mr. Gresham.


Just had an audience with Lord Kimberly, who is without precise knowledge or reliable information of occurrences at Bluefields. British Government have given no instructions and are awaiting information which, when received, will be promptly and fully communicated to the United States. British consul at Grey town telegraphed, 4th of March, British minister at Guatemala, that Nicaraguans suddenly seized Blue-fields and displaced Mosquito flag, behaving violently and cruelly. Because of disorders and dangers to residents, British war vessels visited Bluefields. Mosquito flag rehoisted, quiet restored, pending settlement. Extract from Lord Salisbury note of March, 1889, in Foreign Relations for that year, page 469, has full concurrence of Lord Kimberly, “No protectorate in substance or form, nor anything in [Page 251] nature of protectorate, desired or intended by British Government.” Read in this connection instructions, Bayard to Phelps, No. 530, November, 1888. I believe landing of forces was to extend safety to residents and check violence.