Mr. Braida to Mr. Uhl.

Sir: I beg to transmit herewith a report of consular agent, Mr. Seat, at Bluefields. The Nicaraguan troops arrived here on their way to the interior, on board of, Her Majesty’s ship Cleopatra, yesterday morning.

I furthermore inclose, in translation, a copy of the provisional treaty concluded between Gen. C. A. Lacayo and Captain Howe, commander of the Cleopatra, countersigned by Her British Majesty’s consul, Mr. H. F. Bingham, who also returned on the man-of-war from Bluefields.

I am, etc.,

S. C. Braida,
United States Consul.
[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Seat to Mr. Braida.

Dear Sir: I seize the opportunity of reporting briefly the latest occurrences in Bluefields.

  • First. On the 3d of March an agreement was arrived at for the organization of a temporary provisional government for the Mosquito Reservation.
  • Second. This agreement was concluded between “Captain Howe, commander of the British war ship Cleopatra,” and Gen. Carlos A. Lacayo, and it provided for the appointment of a municipal council consisting of four persons, two of whom are appointed by General Lacayo and two appointed by myself, and Lacayo to be the presiding officer of such council.
  • Third. The parties appointed by Lacayo are Don Necho Thomas, of Roma, and Dr. N. Barbarina, and the parties appointed by myself are Messrs. Samuel Weil and J. S. Lampton, both American residents of Bluefields.
  • The agreement also provided that the English language should be the business and court language of the country.
  • Fourth. It was also agreed that the Nicaraguan soldiers should be retired, leaving only a police guard of some twenty men until the provisional government could be established.
  • Fifth. The order to retire the Nicaraguan soldiers was executed on the 5th, and they went on board the war ship Cleopatra and sailed the same evening tor San Juan del Norte.
  • Sixth. After the soldiers were withdrawn (martial law having been declared off), there was an interregnum, during which time there was really no established authority in the reserve.
  • Seventh. About 3 o’clock p.m., after the retirement of the soldiers, a Jamaica negro, said to be the servant of Commissioner Lacayo, walked down the main street, revolver in hand, firing right and left among the crowds of people standing and passing to and fro.
  • Eighth. After firing some five shots, which almost miraculously did no injury, he was assaulted by a number of persons with clubs, rocks, etc., and beaten almost to insensibility.
  • Ninth. All the negro population seemed to be intensely excited over this occurrence, and were collected in groups on the main street, all talking and gesticulating excitedly.
  • Tenth. At night, however, everything seemed quiet as usual, and people went to their homes and all was still, and the streets presenting their accustomed lonely, desolate look.
  • Eleventh. About 9 o’clock p.m, a shot was fired in the upper end of the town, then another, then another, until some twenty shots or more were fired; and this startled the whole population, so that suddenly the streets were crowded with excited crowds of men and frightened women and children, and it was then ascertained that two of the policemen on King or Main street had been killed near a drinking shop belonging to a native by the name of Martin Ellis.
  • Twelfth. The vice-consul, E. D. Hatch, and Commissioner Lacayo joined in a request of the officer commanding the British marines to bring his marines on shore as quick as possible to protect life and property and to prevent riot and bloodshed.
  • Thirteenth. The request was promptly responded to, and this morning we are feeling secure in the presence of Her Britannic Majesty’s hardy, brave-looking marines.

Yours, etc.,

B. B. Seat,
United States Consular Agent.
[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

Provisional treaty for Mosquito.

  • No. I. The commissioner will organize a police force for the security of Bluefields.
  • No. II. The commissioner will also organize a municipal council, consisting of five persons, two of whom will be appointed by the American consul and three by himself.
  • No. III. The military forces now in Bluefields and within the Mosquito Reservation will be withdrawn.
  • No. IV. The commissioner declares that he will respect all international promises between the Republic and Her Britannic Majesty’s Government.
  • C. A. Lacayo.
  • H. Howe.
  • H. F. Bingham.

Correct translation:

S. C. Braida,
United States Consul.