Mr. Foster to Señor Bolet Peraza.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 28th instant, stating that a shipment of arms and munitions of war, to be used against the Government of Venezuela, is about to take place from Baltimore, and that the vessel is to be cleared by the Venezuelan consulate at that port.

You ask me to advise the Secretary of the Treasury that your Government has no consul at Baltimore, and to say that a clearance given by any individual proposing to hold such office should not be recognized at the custom-house of the port above mentioned.

I have the honor to say, in reply, that I have transmitted a copy of your note to the Treasury Department, and have stated that this Government has issued no exequatur to any consular officer of the Republic of Venezuela at the port of Baltimore, and that there is no such official on our list.

Accept, etc.,

John W. Foster.