Mr. Scruggs to Mr. Foster.

No. 337.]

Sir: Recurring to the subject of my No. 321, of the 29th ultimo, and of your instruction No. 281, of the 8th instant, I now inclose, in copy and translation, what purports to be a public disavowal by the Venezuelan Government of the act of Gen. Urdaneta in forcibly taking the six passengers from the American merchant steamer Caracas, while in the harbor of Puerto Cabello, on the 17th ultimo.

Urdaneta is still understood to be at Maracaibo, notwithstanding the report, current some days ago, that he had fled to Haiti, and it is now reported here that he will be in Caracas soon.

I have, etc.,

William L. Scruggs.
[Inclosure in No. 337.—Translation.]

Clipping from La Opinion Nacional.

Resolved, It has become known to this ministry that on the 17th of August last there were taken from the American mail steamer Caracas, anchored at Puerto Cabello, Messrs. Jacinto Lopez, Dr. P. Febres Cordero, Francisco M. Casas, Antonio Salinas, M. Lopez, and Manuel Ramos, each of whom had passports duly signed for Curaçao, and as the arrest was executed without orders from the National Executive, officials in all parts of the Republic are hereby directed to give to the above-mentioned citizens, wherever they may find them, every necessary facility to continue on their journey uninterrupted.

Let it be known and published.

For the National Executive.

J. M. Garcia Gomez.