Mr. Blaine to Mr. Grant.

No. 179.]

Sir: Mr. Chew’s dispatch No. 218 of the 23d ultimo, relative to the application of Mr. R. G. W. Lippitt for a passport, has been received.

Mr. Lippitt, by virtue of section 1993 of the Revised Statutes, was born a citizen of the United States, but he does not appear to have resided in this country in such a sense as to entitle his children to American citizenship. As Mr. Lippitt is now nearly 34 years of age, and during his whole life has resided abroad, having had, since his arriving at majority, a permanent domicile in Austria, the country of his birth, it may be fairly presumed that he has no definite intention of returning to this country within a reasonable time to perform the duties of American citizenship. Unless it is made to appear to your satisfaction that such is his intention, his application for a passport should properly be denied.

I am, etc.,

James G. Blaine.