Mr. Bayard to Mr. Curry.

No. 267.]

Sir: I inclose for your information copy of a letter from the Rev. Judson Smith, concerning the relations between the Spanish authorities and the missionaries at Ponape in the Caroline Islands.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
[Enclosure in No. 267.]

Mr. Smith to Mr. Bayard.

Dear Sir: * * * The communication from Commander Jewell is a very clear and succinct account of affairs, and while not containing much that is new to us, is a very welcome document. I regret to observe the hazard which Mr. Doane is incurring by the terms which he imposes in parting with some portion of the mission premises to the Spanish governor. Mr. Doane is acting in this matter upon his own counsel, and quite contrary to the judgment which would be expressed from these rooms, if we could reach him. It is much wiser for him and us to leave to our own Government at Washington the entire matter of requesting and securing from the Spanish Government the indemnity for injury to American interests in affairs in the Caroline Islands. I can but think that Mr. Doane and Mr. Rand, upon further reflection, will be very cautious how they imperil in any degree the present cordial and most satisfactory relations subsisting between the Spanish Government and the American mission there. We rejoice in the happy result which has been reached without bloodshed, and which we trust will abide as a fixed settlement for many years to come. Although it did not stand within the power of Commander Jewell to render any direct service in the final settlement, we can not doubt that the presence of the Essex, representing the authority of our Government at Ponape, will be of material service in many, points of view both to our missionaries and in the relations between the Spaniards and the natives there.

Again assuring you of the value which, we place upon the services of our Government in this important matter, as well as those important matters connected with missionary interests at Constantinople,

I remain, etc.,

Judson Smith.