Mr. Wharton to Mr. Smith.

No. 143.]

Sir: In connection with your telegram of the — ultimo, in regard to the shipments of produce for the relief of the Russian famine sufferers, I have now to inclose a copy of a letter of the 9th instant, from, Mr. W. C. Edgar, who, with Col. C. M. McReeve and E. J. Phelps, esq., compose the commission representing the States of Minnesota and Nebraska.

It will be observed that the steamer Missouri, which has been chartered for the purpose, expected to leave New York on the 12th instant with a cargo consisting of about 6,000,000 pounds of flour and kiln-dried corn meal. The vessel is consigned to the port of Libau, where she hopes to arrive about the 31st instant. I have accordingly telegraphed you as given on the overleaf. Messrs. McReeve, Phelps, and Edgar expect to meet you at St. Petersburg about a week in advance of the arrival of the Missouri.

I am, etc.,

William F. Wharton,
Acting Secretary.