Baron Fava to Mr. Foster.


Mr. Secretary of State:

I am informed by the executive committee in charge of the monument to be erected to Christopher Columbus in New York, on the occasion [Page 352] of the celebration to be held October next, that the said monument will probably arrive at that port toward the end of the present month on board the transport ship Garigliano of the royal navy, the use of which has been granted for that purpose by the Government of the King.

In giving notice of the probable arrival this month of the said monument the said committee also bespoke my good offices near the Federal Government to the end of obtaining free entry of the monument, this not being a commercial matter, but a gift to the city of New York.

In view of these motives I take the liberty of recommending to your excellency the wish of the aforesaid executive committee, in order that you be pleased, if no objection exist, to move the Department of the Treasury to issue the necessary orders to the customs of New York for the landing free of duty of the monument herein referred to.

Accept, etc.,