Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine.

No. 100.]

Sir: I have to inform you that the ministry, of the organization and personnel of which I conveyed the information in my No. 88, of the 15th of August last, has resigned, in consequence of alleged interference on the part of the Executive in the selection of a candidate for the Presidency, and that on yesterday there was appointed by His Excellency the President a new cabinet, of which the following is the composition: Minister of the interior, Don Claudio Vicuña; of justice and public instruction, Don Rafael Casanova; of the treasury, Don Lauro Barros; of war and marine, Gen. Don José Francisco Goma; of public works, Don Eulojio Allendes; and of foreign relations and culture, Don Domingo Godoy.

Since the resignation of the late ministry, which took place on the 7th instant, the President appears to have made repeated efforts to come to terms with the leaders of the radical section of his party (the Liberals), but without avail. He has therefore appointed the present ministry entirely from his own section of the party, which is in the minority in Congress, and he has taken the step of summarily closing the extraordinary session of Congress, which he had called for the 1st of the present month, and which was expected to continue until the end of December.

This action has caused intense feeling, and will lead to a very active agitation on the part of the opposition, which in all probability will continue until the election of members of Congress in March next. Then, however, the President’s party will, so far as I can now judge, secure a majority.

I have, etc.,

Patrick Egan.