Mr. Stevens to Mr. Blaine .

No. 21.]

Sir: Your instruction No. 15, of February 28, was received at this legation March 15. The chief portion thereof—all that related to the late King Kalakaua and to Her Majesty the Queen—was duly communicated to the minister of foreign affairs, with the request that it should be read or otherwise made known to her, in a note dated March 17, to which I have received a response, a full copy of which is herewith inclosed.

I am, etc.,

John L. Stevens.
[Inclosure in No. 21.]

Mr. Parker to Mr. Stevens .

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s dispatch of the 17th instant, announcing that you had received from your Government a communication, through the Secretary of State, Hon. James G. Blaine, relative to the death of King Kalakaua and the accession of Queen Liliuokalani, and the resolutions of various bodies of Hawaiian citizens expressive of gratitude for the kindness shown by the Government and people of the United States to His late Majesty, and favoring me with a copy of the chief portion of said communication for Her Majesty’s consideration.

In reply I beg to state that I have had the honor of conveying to Her Majesty the Queen a copy of the honorable Secretary’s communication and have received her commands to acknowledge its receipt. Her Majesty is inexpressibly touched with the sincere sentiments of friendship for her departed brother and late sovereign, for the Hawaiian nation, and for herself, so feelingly expressed by the Secretary of State for the Government of the United States. The duties of the high position Her Majesty has been called upon to assume will, under the guidance of the Supreme Ruler, be discharged with the sole aim of benefiting her people, and in thus obtaining and endeavoring to maintain the esteem and friendship of all nations, but more especially of the Government represented by your excellency, whose friendship has been tried and tested in innumerable instances, and to whose assistance and encouragement the nation is so deeply indebted.

With the highest esteem and respect, I have, etc.,

Samuel Parker,
Minister of Foreign Affairs.