Mr. Reid to Mr. Blaine.


Mr. Reid reports that the demand for a duty of only 20 francs the 100 kilograms on American pork, being renewed by the Government today, was beaten by a large majority and the duty fixed at 25 francs, notwithstanding the strong stand made against the advanced duty by Messrs. Ferry, Develle, and Ribot. Mr. Reid thinks that this action was evidently influenced by German and Italian duties, senators arguing in debate that the French duty should not be less than the German, who, they claimed, received in addition a large concession from the United States. He states that the minister for foreign affairs answered this by showing advantages France had received in the McKinley bill over England and Germany. He also says that the bill will now go back to the Chamber, and that it is expected that prohibition will be withdrawn immediately upon the agreement on duty by the two houses.