Mr. Reid to Mr. Blaine.


Senate to-day accepted principle of Chamber bill on pork by vote of 2 to 1, leaving exact figure of duty to be discussed to-morrow. This absolutely assures removal of prohibition just as soon as the two houses agree on duty, probably within a week. Government agreed to this removal year ago, and it has only been held back for their new tariff. Government put duty at 12 francs in tariff submitted to Chamber last winter and has steadily resisted advance. Chamber, however, raised it to 20 francs, and Senate committee now insists on making it same as in Germany and Italy, namely, 25 francs the 100 kilograms. This figure is to be voted on to-morrow in Senate. Government will resist it and try to prevent any advance above 20 francs. Jules Roche, minister of commerce, made very able and convincing speech to-day, repelling charges against American pork and fully sustaining justice our claim for removal prohibition.

Whitelaw Reid.