The intendente of Valparaiso to Señor Matta .

No. 3028.]


The criminal judge, in note No. 356, dated yesterday, tells me as follows:

“This court having temporarily suspended (proceedings) in the case of all the sailors of the North American cruiser Baltimore, who were being tried for the lamentable disorders which occurred on the evening of the 16th instant, in the ward of Arrayan, [Page 332] in this city, the undersigned has ordered that the money and effects which the police found in the possession of the sailors arrested he placed at the disposal of the commander of that vessel in order that, through him, they may he returned to their respective owners. The undersigned therefore requests the intendente to forward to the commander of the Baltimore the said articles, which are sent for that purpose with this note; and calls attention to the fact that the commander ought to give the necessary receipt for the same to he filed with the proceedings of the summary. I also inclose a certified copy of the declaration placed in the report of the police with regard to the said articles, and to the sailors in whose possession they were found. It will aid the commander in making the distribution suggested by this court. I avail myself of this opportunity to inform your excellency, in order that you in turn may inform the North American admiral, or the military chief who represents him in this bay, that the summary instituted respecting the events before mentioned is on the point of arriving at its complete termination.” This I have the honor to communicate to your excellency, in compliance with the request contained in your note No. 559, of the 19th instant.

“May God preserve you.”

J. de D. Arlegui.

A true copy.

A. Bascuñan M.

The foregoing agrees with the document on file, at this legation.

[l. s.]
Aníbal Cruz.