Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine.

No. 157.]

Sir: From careful inquiries which I have been directing for some time back, through both governmental and revolutionary channels, I have reason to believe that mediation may be acceptable to both sides. The Brazilian Government has already tendered its good offices with a view to the re√ęstablishment of peace, and the French Government has done the same thing. I have accordingly cabled to you on the 24th instant to that effect, asking whether I might act with them.

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I am aware, too, that the German and British ministers, together with the admiral of the British squadron, are endeavoring to open up negotiations; but I think I am correct in stating that the Government is not disposed to entertain any propositions unless the United States have a leading part in conducting the negotiations.

To-day I received your cable reply. Already I have had preliminary conferences with the executive council of the revolutionary body, as well as with the Government, and I have reason to believe that the indicated mediation will be accepted by both parties.

I have, etc.,

Patrick Egan.