Mr. Hirsch to Mr. Blaine.

No. 118.]

Sir: Nearly a year ago two American missionaries, Rev. Mr. McDowell and Dr. Wishard, were traveling through the mountains of Boshkale, near the Persian frontier, when they were enticed into a secluded [Page 761] valley and robbed by some of the Nestorian mountaineers. They made a statement of the case to the legation at the time, and the matter was brought to the attention of the Sublime Porte by Mr. King, chargé, as reported to you in his dispatch No. 10, July 30, 1889.

The missionaries, although living in Persia, have had schools on the Turkish side of the frontier in the district of Gawar for many years, and, as they have to go and come every year, it is quite important to them to have the wrong which they have suffered redressed. It is very important to remove from the minds of the people there the idea of impunity, and, inasmuch as this legation has not had any response to the complaint made last July, I addressed anew a note to the Sublime Porte on the subject, a copy of which is herewith inclosed.

In delivering it to His Excellency the minister of foreign affairs, yesterday, I called his attention to the fact that these three robbers, whose names are given, are leading men in their tribe, a chief, a priest, and a deacon; that Messrs. Wishard and McDowell are prepared with testimony to fasten the crime on them; that for the sake of justice (as well as a measure for future protection) we ask for their arrest and trial, and inasmuch as they often come to Julamerk on business, I asked that the governor there be ordered to arrest them on their first visit to the place. His Excellency promised to issue the necessary orders immediately, and I hope that as soon as the proper officers in that outlying district can be communicated with the necessary steps will be taken for the apprehension of the guilty parties.

In a subsequent interview with His Highness the Grand Vizier on the same subject I was given assurances that the matter would be promptly dealt with.

I have, etc.,

Solomon Hirsch.
[Inclosure in No. 118.]

Mr. Hirsch to Said Pasha.

No. 30.]

Mr. Minister: I desire to call the attention of Your Excellency to note No. 4 of July 25, 1889, sent you by Mr. King, concerning the robbery of Dr. Wishard and Mr. McDowell, to which I have received no reply.

I have good reasons for stating that the robbers were Malik Baboo, Kasha Yakamas, and Shamasha Heydoo, all of Takhoma, which is under the control of the governor of Julamerk, in the province of Hekkiari.

I again respectfully request Your Excellency to direct the governor to arrest these men, who often go to Julamerk on business, and have them punished and the stolen property returned to its owners.

Dr. Wishard and Mr. McDowell will be prepared to present the evidence against them, if arrested and brought to trial.

Accept, etc.,

Solomon Hirsch.