Mr. Hirsch to Mr. Blaine.

No. 85.]

Sir: In connection with Mr. King’s dispatches No. 33 of October 12, 1889, and No. 55 of December 3, 1889, I inclose for your information a copy of a note verbale received from the Sublime Porte regarding the military service of cavasses and dragomans employed by foreign legations and consulates.

I have, etc.,

Solomon Hirsch.
[Inclosure in No. 85.—Translation.]

Sublime Porte to Mr. Hirsch.

The ministry of foreign affairs has had the honor to receive the note verbale which the legation of the United States of America has kindly addressed to it on the 28th of November last, No. 14, with regard to the dispositions of article v of the regulation on the foreign consulates.

The Sublime Porte, in acquiescing in the desire expressed by most of the foreign missions, has decided to call for military service only the dragomans and cavasses who may in future enter into the service of the consulates, excusing in that way from the obligation the Mussulmans at present in service. As to the Christian employés, they must without distinction pay the exoneration tax which falls to their share.

In order to prevent, however, in practice, any misunderstanding, the provincial authorities have received instruction to be always careful, when the appointment of a cavass is notified to them, to make known officially to the interested consulate the exact situation of the cavass in relation to military service.

The ministry of foreign affairs begs the legation of the United States of America to be kind enough on its side to give to its agents in the Empire instructions to the same effect.