Mr. Pratt to Mr. Blaine.

No. 458.]

Sir: I have the honor to report, regarding the attempted assassination of Mrs. Wright, treated of in my dispatches numbered 456 and 457 of the 24th and 27th instant, respectively, that I am now awaiting an official account of the said incident from Col. C. E. Stewart, the English consul-general at Tabreez, in whose district the crime was committed.

American interests being under the protection of the British consul in the said district, the British minister here, Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, has very kindly assented to my request to allow Colonel Stewart to officially represent me in the prosecution of the case in question.

This course, which I trust will meet with your approval, I thought the safest to adopt in view of the danger of the prisoner’s escaping en route had I insisted upon his being transported hither for trial.

I have, etc.,

E. Spencer Pratt.