Mr. Blaine to Mr. Swift.

No. 63.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 91 of the 16th ultimo, in which you inclosed a memorandum correcting Viscount Aoki’s précis of the interview which you held with him at the imperial foreign office on the 23d of January last, in relation to the excise duties imposed by the Japanese Government on Scott’s Emulsion.

In conducting conversations through an interpreter it frequently occurs that expressions are misinterpreted, and in such case each party is entitled to anofportunity to correct any misstatements attributed to him. After considering the respective accounts of yourself and Viscount Aoki of what was said at the interview, the Department is ofofinion that the merits of the question at issue are not involved, and it is hoped that your respective explanations will be accepted as mutually satisfactory.

I am, etc.,

James G. Blaine.