Mr. Snowden to Mr. Blaine.

No. 67.]

Sir: In compliance with the request contained in your dispatch No. 41, I have made personal investigation of the circumstances of Emmanuel C. Catechi’s residence in Greece. That the examination might be intelligently and discreetly made I visited Corfu, where I remained for 4 days. I learned that Catechi returned to Greece from the United States in 1885 for the purpose of visiting his parents. He was persuaded to remain with them a much longer period than was contemplated. In 1888 he married, and now has a son 14 months old. Within the last 3 years he has kept a public coffee-house, more, as he avers, for occupation than for any profit derived from the business. His father and mother are both living; the former is 65 years of age and the latter 54. Catechi has taken no part in local or other elections, conducting himself in all respects as an alien. He avers that it is his intention to return to the United States with his wife and child within a reasonable period to discharge his duties as an American citizen.

I may add that from all the information at my disposal Catechi so conducts himself as to command the respect of his neighbors. United States Consular Agent Woodley speaks of him as a man of excellent character.

I have, etc.,

A. Loudon Snowden.