Mr. Phelps to Mr. Blaine.

No. 126.]

Sir: I have the honor to suggest that the “Notice by the Department of State” herewith inclosed be so worded that the travelers for whose guidance it is intended may not possibly be misled.

The decree of May 22, 1888, transmitted with Mr. Coleman’s dispatch No. 622 of June 1, 1888, requires a visé from the German embassy in Paris only for those entering Alsace-Lorraine from France.

In this connection, I would also suggest the advisability of warning the public, in such manner as the Department may deem best, that in many of the larger cities of Germany passports ace required of all foreigners who therein take up even a short residence.

I have, etc.,

Wm. Walter Phelps.
[Inclosure in No. 126.]

Notice by the Department of State.

Passports are necessary for the Turkish dominions, including Egypt and Palestine, and must be certified by a Turkish consular officer before entering Turkish jurisdiction. Persons quitting the United States with eventual purpose of visiting any part of Turkey are advised that their passports may conveniently be certified in advance by the consul-general of Turkey at New York, thus avoiding possible difficulty in obtaining the prescribed visé in another country en route.

Persons traveling with United States passports desirous of entering Germany from France should not neglect to have their passports viséed by the consul-general of Germany at Paris, thus possibly sparing themselves much inconvenience and delay.