Mr. Blaine to Mr. Abbott .

No. 115.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 121 of August 22 last, in relation to the case of the estate of the late Alexander Henry.

Your action in declining to transmit any papers in regard to it, upon the request of the ministry of foreign affairs, is approved. The request was apparently made with a view to affect the case of the estate of Mrs. Smith, which forms the subject of your No. 120. It is true that the facts of the two cases seem to be so different as to destroy any connection between them, but, as they have been blended in the recent report of the minister of foreign affairs to the Colombian Congress, it will be proper to take no action that may further prejudice the promised discussion of the case of the estate of the late Mrs. Smith, upon the stipulations of the treaty, as they have been interpreted in Department’s No. 67 of the 29th of May last.

I am, etc.,

James G. Blaine.