Mr. Abbott to Mr. Blaine.

No. 74.]

Sir: I have received your No. 48 of March 3, 1890, in relation to the reported seizures of vessels engaged in foreign trade with the San Blas coast, in which you instruct me to impress upon the Colombian Government the necessity of clearly making known its requirements to those officers who are charged with the execution of the customs laws.

I have to report that full and explicit instructions have been so issued by this Government for the purpose of avoiding all difficulty in future.

The minister for foreign affairs informs me that these instructions are in conformity with the laws and decrees hitherto in force, and that no new rules or regulations have been made.

Definite information reached me from the consul in Carthagena that the Julian has been permitted to sail for the San Blas coast after having paid the duties on her cargo.

Our merchants may rest assured that this Government will sanction no arbitrary or unjust molestation of their vessels or business.

All desired is that they conform to the laws, to the end that Colombia may receive the customs duties to which she is entitled.

I have, etc.,

John T. Abbott.