Mr. Lee to Mr. Blaine .

No. 56.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that I was received yesterday (April 1) by the President for the purpose of presenting the joint resolution of Congress congratulating the people of Brazil on their assumption of the powers, duties, and responsibilities of self-government.

I inclose a copy of my speech and of the President’s reply to the remarks made by me on that occasion; also a translation thereof and notice in O Paiz with translation.

I have, etc.,

J. Fenner Lee.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 56.]

Mr. Lee’s remarks on delivering to the President of Brazil the congratulations of Congress.

Mr. President: I am charged with the agreeable duty of placing in Your Excellency’s hands an authenticated copy of the joint resolution of the Senate and House-of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, which was approved by the President on the 19th of February last, whereby the United States of America congratulate the people of Brazil on their peaceful assumption of the powers, duties, and responsibilities of self-government.

My Government, resting upon the freely expressed will of the people of the United States, thus gives voice through their representatives to the cordial sentiments they entertain toward the people of Brazil, and utters their friendly welcome to the nation which, by adoption of self-government, has enrolled itself among the independent commonwealths of the western hemisphere. The friendship which already unites the two countries is a pledge of even closer association looking toward the attainment in the future of ends common to both. I can not permit myself to doubt that the high hopes my countrymen cherish for the advancement of Brazil in the paths of peace and of material prosperity will be abundantly realized under the beneficent influence of justice and reverence for the rights of all men.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 56.—Translation.]

Reply of the President to Mr. Lee.

I receive with the most sincere pleasure the congratulations of the Congress of the United States of America upon the auspicious assimilation of the institutions of our continent.

The mutual friendship which, happily, has always existed between Brazil and the United States of America will be from to-day, I hope, more intimate and cordial, since by the identity of our political institutions is established between the Brazilian people and the American people a virtual alliance, founded on sentiments of mutual esteem and confidence, and having in view common interests in the cause of peace and the prosperity of the American nations.

The Brazilian people, who have always had a high appreciation of the good relations maintained with the American people, will receive with gratitude this new proof of friendship from the illustrious representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, as well as this token of esteem which the illustrious President of a powerful Republic, your country, has offered us, having sent through you the expression of his friendly sentiments.

Manoel Deodoro da Fonseca.
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[Inclosure 3 in No. 56—Translation.]

Notice in O Paiz of the audience.

Mr. James Lee, chargé d’affaires of the United States of North America, was presented yesterday at a quarter past 1 o’clock by the minister of foreign affairs to the distinguished marshal, chief of the Provisional Government, to whom he delivered the joint resolution of congratulation to the United States of Brazil adopted by the American Congress and approved by the President of that Republic.

The marshal, having received the resolution, expressed his appreciation of this very high proof of confraternity of the great North American Republic.

There were present at the reception, besides the minister of foreign affairs, the ministers of justice and marine.

The illustrious representative of the United States of North America was conveyed to the palace of the chief of the Provisional Government in an elegant carriage drawn by a most beautiful pair of horses.