Mr. Pitkin to Mr. Blaine .

No. 25.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that yesterday, in a personal interview with Minister Zeballos, I presented to him an abstract of the message of the President of the United States in relation to an extension of our merchant marine, taken by me from a London print, upon reading which the minister expressed much gratification, and said he would at once exhibit it to the President of the Republic, and that, to whatever length our Government was ready to proceed in order to strengthen the commercial ties between the two Republics, the Argentine Government would be found ready to coöperate. His manner, as well as terms, were so affirmative that I deem it proper to communicate the interview. He especially welcomed this expression from the President, because, he remarked, Argentine statesmen had for some time past felt a grave apprehension lest our disposition in reference to foreign commerce fell short of our professions in that regard. He further took occasion to remind me that, in my address on the occasion of my presentation to the President of the Republic, I had anticipated President Harrison’s expressions in that behalf.

I have, etc.,

J. R. G. Pitkin.