No. 650.

Mr. Wallace to Mr. Bayard .

No. 487.]

Sir: Continuing the affair of the American College, reported in my dispatch to the Department, No., 477, I have the honor to add that the minister of public instruction is now pleased to say that on the 6th February last he forwarded a telegram to the vali of Mamouret ul Aziz (Harpoot) instructing him to deliver a permit for the school (college) on [Page 845] request and under the conditions prescribed by the regulation on the subject. If the permit has not ere this been issued, I suspect it is because of the non-payment of a fine imposed upon some of the college attachés for the use of a printing press without a permit therefor first obtained.

My views of the action proper in both the cases are disclosed in a letter to Rev. Mr. Barnum, of which a copy is herewith transmitted.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 487.]

Mr. Wallace to Mr. Barnum .

My Dear Sir: I sent the dragoman of the legation to inquire about the latest action of the Porte touching your college, and he reports that the minister of public instruction, on the 6th day of February last (24th January, 1300), certainly sent a telegram directing your vali to deliver a permit to your authorities on their request, and under the conditions prescribed by the law. This ought to be the end of the trouble. There is a possibility that the vali may stop the issuance of the paper until the fine about the press is paid. My last conversation on that subject with Mr. Peet resulted in his saying that the £50 would be paid by your folks in Harpoot. I suggest that you do this immediately, if it has not been already done.

With manv good wishes, I am, &c.,