No. 649.

Mr. Bayard to Mr. Wallace.

No. 280.]

Sir: With reference to your Nos. 479 and 480, inclosing copies of notes which you have addressed to the Sublime Porte in the cases respectively of Dr. Maurice Pflaum and Messrs. Knapp and Reynolds, I have to say that it is hoped that the Turkish Government will perceive the justice of tendering adequate reparation for the actual injuries and losses sustained by these gentlemen.

The language of which you make use in your notes referred to appears to be peremptory, and if it includes a demand for exemplary or consequential damages, the Department will reserve its opinion thereon until the detailed examination which is necessary can be given to all the pending matters between the two Governments with a view to disposing of them collectively in the interest of harmonious relations.

I am, &c.,