No. 578.

Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Valera.

Sir: Acknowledging the receipt of your note of the 8th instant, I have the honor to state that, as appears by his letter of the 24th instant, the governor of Florida, after much pertinent inquiry, is unable [Page 770] to ascertain that the lottery for collecting funds to be used against Cuba, of which a report had reached you, has any real foundation; but the laws of the State will be enforced in the case if such a lottery should be established.

As regards the late report of a contemplated fresh invasion of Cuba from Key West, the governor observes in letters of the 17th instant that he cannot discover any truth in the rumor, but has taken precautionary action, notwithstanding.

Adding that a letter from the Treasury Department of the 27th instant conveys a like statement from the collector of customs at Key West, I improve, &c.,