No. 577.

Mr. Voter a to Mr. Frelinghuysen .


The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of His Majesty the King of Spain, has the honor, by order of his Government, to inform the honorable Secretary of State that, in view of the importance of the Spanish establishments on Rio Oro (Gold River), latitude 23° 36’ north, longitude 9° 49’ west, at Angra de Cintra, latitude 23° 6’ north, longitude 10° 1’ west, and Bahia del Oeste (Western Bay), latitude 20° 51’ north, longitude 10° 56’ west) on the west coast of Africa, and in view of the documents which the independent tribes of that portion of the coast have signed in presence of the representative of the Spanish Society of Africanists and Colonists during the expedition which he made in themonth of November last, His Majesty King Alfonso XII has been pleased to confirm the instruments signed in presence of the aforesaid representative, and to take under his protection the territories on the west coast of Africa comprised between the aforesaid Western Bay and Cape Bojador (latitude 26° 8’ north, longitude 8° 17’ west), and wherein are comprised, in addition to the localities mentioned, Las Puntas and La Bombarda, without prejudice to existing rights of third parties that may be proved.

The undersigned, &c.,