No. 431.

Mr. S. L. Phelps to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 199.]

Sir: I have heretofore sent you copies of communications from the minister of foreign affairs in regard to the action of the Government of Peru in the case of the murder of Owen Young. It being perfectly evident that no practical measures have been taken to discover and secure the murderer, who, unless he has escaped in the interval, is in the military service and entirely in the control of the Government, I have to-day addressed the minister of foreign affairs as per inclosed copy.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 199.]

Mr. S. L. Phelps to Mr. Urrutia.

Sir: I regret the necessity I am under to invite your excellency’s attention earnestly to the long delay that has occurred in bringing to punishment the murderer of Owen Young. I reported the facts to your excellency October 6 last, and furnished yon with the names of witnesses who were present at the hacienda of Tecapa, and were ready to testify to the ruthless character of the murder. Three months have elapsed, and yet it does not appear that any real measure has been taken by the authorities to bring the assassin to punishment, or even to investigate the facts.

I am directed by my Government to spare no exertions to secure the punishment of the guilty man, and to obtain proper indemnification for his family from the Government of Peru.

I now request at your excellency’s earliest convenience definite knowledge as to whether this soldier, serving in the army and entirely in the control of the “Government, has been yet arrested and placed in safe custody for trial.

Availing, &c.,