No. 427.

Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. S. L. Phelps .

No. 81.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your notes of the 6th and 29th of October last, Nos. 148 and 165, respecting the murder of Mr. Owen Young, an American citizen, a native of Georgia, at the hacienda of Tecapa, by a soldier belonging to the military forces of Peru.

In your No. 148, of the 6th of October, you inclosed a copy of the report of B. H. Kauffman, United States consular agent at Pacasmayo, containing the particulars attending the murder of Mr. Young, and also a copy of your note to the minister for foreign affairs, under date of the 6th of October, wherein you demand an immediate and full investigation of the case, to the end that the guilty soldier may meet with a proper punishment for his crime, and the family of the deceased receive justice at the hands of the Government.

In your No. 165, of the 29th of October, you inclose a copy of the affidavits of persons who witnessed the murder of Mr. Young, and say that the minister for foreign affairs has assured you that the matter will receive prompt attention by the officials near the scene of the act. Your efforts to have judicial remedies applied in this case in a prompt arid exemplary manner are fully approved by this Department.

The circumstances, as detailed in the report of Mr. Kauffman, and subsequently confirmed by affidavits of nine witnesses who were present when the act was committed, show it to have been a most cruel murder. You will continue your efforts to secure the prompt punishment of the criminal, and at the same time see that; full justice is done the family of the murdered man.

I am, &c.,