No. 190.

Mr. Becerra to Mr. Bayard.


Sir: I have the honor herewith to inclose, by way of information, an authentic copy of two telegrams which I have this day received by cable. That which is marked No. 1 is from the legitimate governor of the State of Cauca, which is near to that of Panama. That which is marked No. 2 is from Colonel Ulloa, who is in command of the militiamen of Cauca, who have been called into active service in defense of the National Government these are the same troops that beat the Colon incendiaries. I have told Colonel Ulloa to await the arrival of the national forces, which has been announced, and to enter into no understanding with the rebel Aizpurú, who is mainly responsible for the deplorable occurrences that have taken place on the Isthmus.

I renew, &c.,

[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Payan to Mr. Becerra.

Panama power rebels. Government forces will be sent to recover Isthmus and restore order.

[Inclosure 2.]

Colonel Ulloa to Mr. Becerra.

I was pleased to receive your telegram, which will encourage the people. After the fight I had but a small force left to protect the foreign population and their interests. Panama held by rebels. They propose arrangements. I shall remain here. Revolution in Cauca put down.