No. 189.

Mr. Bayard to Mr. Becerra.

Sir: Referring to so much of our conversation of the 3d instant as related to the dispatch of telegrams from you to the officers of the Colombian federal Government at Panama and Colon, respectively, General Gónima and Colonel Ulloa, I have the honor to communicate to you herewith copy of a telegram which I have received from Mr. Scrymser, the president of the Central and South American Telegraph Company, in which he reports for your information that he has been unable to cause the delivery of those telegrams, inasmuch as General Gónima is a prisoner in the hands of the Radicals who have taken Panama, and Colonel Ulloa is lying seriously wounded at Colon.

Accept, &c.,


Mr. Scrymser to Mr. Bayard.

Kindly inform Señor Becerra his message to General Gónima, Panama, cannot be delivered. He is a prisoner in hands of Radicals who have taken Panama, nor can we yet deliver his message to Colonel Ulloa, Colon. He is seriously wounded at Colon. Señor Becerra will gain time by wiring direct from Washington.