No. 126.

Mr. Cheng Tsao Ju to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I have received a telegram from Mr. Huang Tsun Hsien, Chinese consul-general at San Francisco, in which it is stated that on the 2d instant the Chinese residents at Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory, were attacked by a mob of American citizens; that many were wounded and killed, and a very large amount of property belonging to the Chinese residents was robbed and destroyed.

In order to ascertain the facts I have appointed Col. Frederick A. Bee and Mr. Huang Sih Chuen, consuls of China, and Tseng Hoy, interpreter, to proceed to Rock Springs and make an investigation.

On account of the excitement prevailing in the vicinity of the outbreak, danger maybe feared to the persons commissioned, and I respectfully ask that instructions may be issued from the proper quarter for the protection of the persons named above; and, if it be proper, that an officer or officers may be detailed to accompany them.

I shall also be greatly obliged, Mr. Secretary, if you can send me a document to serve as an introduction and protection to the persons named above, which I can forward to them.

If there is anything unusual in these requests, I trust, Mr. Secretary, that the gravity of the situation at Rock Springs may furnish my excuse. I feel that I can confidently appeal to your kindness and to the generosity of the Government of the United States.

Accept, sir, &c.,