No. 99.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Morton.


Mr. Frelinghuysen telegraphs Mr. Morton that it is understood that the French postmaster-general has refused permission to the Commercial Cable Company to land in France, except on condition that the French Government may purchase on one year’s notice the Commercial cable line from Ireland to France. The United States considers this condition a violation of the first clause of conditions and agreement upon which the French Telegraphic Company of Paris and New York were allowed to land their cable on the snores of the United States in 1880. This says that the company is to receive no exclusive concessions from the French Government which would exclude any American cable [Page 151] from landing on French territory and connecting with the inland telegraphic system of France. If France possesses a right to make conditions she would logically have the right to exclude, which is held to be contrary to the above-mentioned agreement. Mr. Morton is instructed accordingly to make proper representations to Mr. Ferry.