No. 83.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Morton.


Dettmers stated, incorrectly, in 1878–1879, in report on swine plague, not trichinae, that disease was very prevalent in West, and hogs laboring under it were carelessly sent to market. He has since, in newspapers, expressed erroneous views on swine disease generally in the West. Curtis, a thorough expert, who is investigating trichinosis, reports to Agricultural Department that there is very little disease of any kind; that Dettmers is mistaken; that great care is taken by breeders and packers to send healthy pork to market. Commissioner Agriculture entirely accepts Curtis’s statement. At meeting Swine Breeders’ Association unanimously stated no disease whatever had occurred among swine in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio, whence members were present.